Adi & Alex Balta • Romanian Church-Planters

Written by Zac Fitzsimmons on April 24, 2018 - 0 Comments


Adi & Alexandra Balta spent two months with us in Flagstaff getting training to be able to church-plant in Romania. This was a unique opportunity through our affiliation with the Great Commission Collective (GCC) to pour into this sweet couple that God is preparing to do great things for His Kingdom in Romania. They will head back to Romania on April 28 with plans of traveling to five different locations in Romania to decide where specifically God is calling them to plant. Each of these areas already have a core team eager to have Adi lead them in planting a church that glorifies God.

Our church, Harvest Flagstaff, has agreed to be their lead sending church, which means we will be involved in supporting them through the first couple years both financially and physically. We will also be partnering with other GCC churches both here in the United States and in Romania to support their initial efforts.

Please continue to pray for them as they have big decisions to be made in the next months and A LOT of “Kingdom-building-work” ahead of them. Check out the videos below to see Adi preaching, plus another one with their Commissioning on April 22.

​VIDEO: Adi Balta Preaching

VIDEO: Adi & Alex Commissioning