P. Chacko

Serving India with R.I.M.I


Pastor Chacko along with his family is ministering in place called Saunsar, Chindwada Dist, Madhya Pradesh. He joined Mission India in 2006. Since then his ministry is growing. His wife Sangeeta is of great help as she very effectively takes care of the women and children’s ministry. Almost 60 believers come to attend the Sunday worship.

God also blessed Pastor Chacko to start another church at Pushla, Amravati dist, Maharastra. It is situated at a distance of 52 km from Saunsar. Here Pastor conducts the Sunday worship in the evening hours from 6 pm onwards. Approximately 20 believers attend this evening church service on a regular basis. Apart from these Pastor Chacko runs 14 home cells.

Following is a conversion story of a believer whom Pastor Chacko shepherds: My name is Sunita Milan, 30 years old, from a Hindu family in Savli, Madhya Pradesh. I suffered from satanic attacks for six years. I developed big boils on my left foot through black magic. When I came under the evil possession I did many strange things such as drinking pots full of boiling water, throwing pots, pouring hot water on my body, and remaining hungry for 3 to 4 days. During the night, I would walk around aimlessly yelling at the top of my lungs. I would also tear my clothes and walk naked on the streets.

One day a man of God and his wife visited us. They shared the Gospel with us and prayed for me. At first I did not like them but as they regularly visited and prayed, I felt better. Eventually, I too started participating in prayer and listened to the word of God. I received the Lord Jesus as my Savior and trusted Him for my healing. We fasted and prayed for my deliverance and healing. The Lord heard our prayer and I was completely delivered and healed. Following this I got baptized.

In 2007, I was married and had a child but it died. Time and again I conceived but every time the child died. I was beginning to get discouraged and lose hope. The man of God, his wife along with the believers held a seven day fasting prayer and we prayed and asked God to bless us with a child.

The Lord heard our prayer and a healthy girl child was born to us. My husband also received the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized. After coming to the Lord we received joy, peace, good health of mind and body and a precious child. I thank and praise God for His love and care towards us. We now regularly fellowship and worship God. We are very thankful to the man of God, his family and congregation who stood with us in hard times.

Pastor Chacko and Sangeeta give all glory to God and thank Him for His faithfulness throughout their ministry. Blessed be the name of Jesus, the Lamb who was slain!