Biblical Soul Care

There are times when each of us needs the care of another person. Pastor Kalib’s goal for Biblical Soul Care is to be that person who walks beside you in whatever it is you are going through, whether it be a struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction, marital problems, other relational and family struggles, a crisis in faith, and many more issues that come up in life. His hope is to wait with you on the Lord Jesus to show up in and out of the counseling room to liberate, heal, restore, and strengthen you and to collaborate with you on how to maneuver through obstacles in your life that prevent Jesus from doing this.  While he has professional and pastoral counseling training, some issues may be beyond his ability to give you the best help you can get. When this is the case, he will work with you on getting the most quality care possible.

Typical life counseling consists of meeting with Kalib for about an hour each week at the church for 6-8 weeks. We would like to invite those who desire to work through a struggle and who are ready to see change to consider receiving care from our ministry.  If you would like to receive this help, please fill out the linked forms. You may email them to Kalib or bring them to him or other office staff at the church in a sealed envelope. Be sure to write “For Pastor Kalib Only” on the front of the envelope. Once Kalib receives these forms, he will call you to discuss how to best move forward.