Meet Pastor Paul

PaulbioPastor Paul Meldrum has been the Senior Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Flagstaff since its inception in the Summer of 2005 when it was originally called North Point Fellowship

He was born in Hamtramck, Michigan, and was number five in a family of ten children.  With six sisters and three brothers, there was plenty of community and company at the Meldrum household.  He says,  “we never turned away an extra mouth from the table; mom just thought it was one of her kids she forgot about.”

Pastor Paul committed his life to Jesus as a senior in high school.  Often when that happens for a young man, there is a young woman that the Spirit is using…enter the bride of his youth, Ronna. As a classmate that caught his eye and his heart, God used Ronna powerfully in Paul’s life to draw him to Jesus.

Paul&RonnaThey have been married since 1975, and have three adult children: Jessica, Tim and Becky.  Paul and Ronna are also blessed with three “married in children” and eleven grandchildren, which are the source of great joy.

Paul is a former airline captain, with years of experience flying the Airbus A319/320 and the Boeing 737 and 757.

Paul gradutated from Phoenix Seminary with a Masters of Biblical Leadership in 2009 and now believes God has taken him from “one of the best jobs in the world” (pilot), to the “best job in the world” (pastor).

Pastor Paul has a strong passion for honoring Jesus by helping every man, woman, boy, and girl at Harvest Bible Chapel to become more like Jesus. He also has a strong desire to serve other Christ-honoring churches, helping them to become healthy.

He and Ronna enjoy their family, hiking, biking, and theological discussions while drinking coffee together.